Whether we are working on a public beachfront park, a downtown streetscape, a waterfront resort or a new one-thousand acre residential development, Castle Bay works closely with every client to consider the surrounding physical environment of each site, the financial mechanisms intrinsic to each client, the potential long-term social and political effects, construction and maintenance of each project in which we contribute. Furthermore, while our work takes place in a variety of locations and settings, all Castle Bay projects share the common need for real-world practicality, a dedicated and professional approach to the adherence of quality design, aesthetic appeal and constructability. 

More specifically, Castle Bay focuses on three primary areas of service and their respective tasks:



  • Conceptual Master Planning
  • Land-Use Programming & Feasibility Studies

  • Entitlements

  • Site Inventory & Analysis

  • Aerial (UAV) Photography

  • Visioning Workshops/Design Charrettes

  • Cost Analysis

  • Design Guidelines

  • Community Thematics/Marketing/Graphics


Landscape Architecture

  • Site Design/Design Development
  • Concept/Theming 
  • Hardscape Design, including:
    • Amenity Centers/Pools/Sports Courts
    • Signage/wayfinding
    • Entrance Features/Gateways
    • Aesthetically enhanced pavements
    • Wetland, Over-water and dune boardwalks/structures
    • Water features
  • Landscape Design, including:
    • Native/xeriscape design principles
    • Dune restoration
    • Resort-style
    • Low-maintenance
    • Formal gardens, plazas and courtyards
  • Irrigation Design, including:
    • Typical Commercial Site and Residential systems
    • Sports facilities
    • Urban environments

Urban Design

  • Streetscapes
  • Mixed-Use Districts and Neighborhoods
  • Town Centers
  • Plazas, Courtyards and Pocket Parks
  • Retail Environments
  • Transit Oriented Design
  • Waterfront Revitalization