Bulow Plantation

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Bulow plantation

Bulow Plantation, a very unique mixed-use development in neighboring Flagler County, is the site of a former coquina quarry with frontage on the historic Bulow Creek. Castle Bay was tasked with programming and master planning the property building upon the owner’s desire to establish a community with an emphasis on opportunities for recreation seekers traveling through Florida. In addition to several hundred residential lots, Bulow Plantation is also programmed for RV/Camper accommodations, camping and multi-use trails safely navigating the property from the front to the back where numerous opportunities for experiencing Bulow Creek are available. Supplementing these elements is a central amenity center overlooking the turquoise lagoon with coquina clad walls, sports courts and lush landscape throughout.

Project Specifics

Location: Flagler County, FL
Scope: Master Planning, Community Design & Programming
Size: 174 Acres
Cost: TBD
Completion: Master Planning, Conceptualization